A reoccurring scene on my desk. #camera, #lenses and #sunglasses sprawled all over. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting it up. It all ends up back on the desk anyways.  #nikon #dslr #rayban
Changing tides?

I have a job interview Friday morning and I’m freaking out. I sort of have an inside connect, but this is still scary.

Change always freaks me out but this is a much needed one. One thing I’m going to miss about my current job, is being able to flex my creative muscles. I was able to do some photography and work on marketing projects.

Fingers crossed things work out for me. I’m scared yet excited for what the future holds. I still holding on to the dream of doing just photography for a living.

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It’s a #dwarfpencilfish feeding frenzy!

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Haven’t posted an update of the #aquarium lately. I’ve added more #seiryustones to the #aquascaping and added a school of #dwarfpencilfish. #animal #plantedaquarium #fish
Went to a Sunday drive and caught a movie. Nice day to stretch the legs. Busy weekend, not looking forward to go back on the grind. #acura #rsx #dc5 #enkei

Just because you’re a moderator for a group doesn’t mean you have to be an asshat.

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Votes are in

2 votes for the 35 and 1 vote for “why not both”.

"Why not both", because money doesn’t grow on trees lol. Both would be nice but not really an option. Appreciate the input Mike.

Now I have to figure out between the Nikon or the Sigma 35mm.

From what I gathered, the Sigma is newly designed, cheaper, sharper. But lacks weather seals. It’s heavy and a tad bit longer.

The Nikon is slightly less weight, “better” bokeh (subjective) and weather sealed. Downside is that the lens design is a few years older than Sigma and the price tag. I could almost buy two sigmas for the price of one Nikon.

Tallying things up it looks like the Sigma wins? But in the back of my mind, I have my concerns with build quality. I’ve rented one and worked great, had a contact that didn’t like their copy. Ended up returning it for a canon version.

At the price point of the Nikon 35mm, I could get the 24-70 or the legendary 14-24(I don’t shoot landscapes, just throwing it out there). Multiple focal lengths in a single package. Primes are such a wonderful thing though. So much to think about.

Gees,talk about some analysis paralysis! Good thing I’m no rush for this.

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35mm f1.4 or 24-70mm f2.8?

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First time seeing a #nismo version of the #nissanjuke. Really digging how these seats look.
Spotted and fell in love with this #mini #car. Some #oldschoolcool for hump day.
Photographing Disney: Animal Kingdom

New blog post with tips on how I photograph Animal Kingdom.

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Southern Heat Round 2 | Facebook

The event photos can be found here!

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jtazan said: Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s all about trial and error. There’ll always be another chance to shoot, so just look through your photos after a while with a fresh eye and you’ll see how you can do better next time. Chin up!

I know it’s not the end of the world. It just bruised the ego a bit, especially having now 10 events under the belt. I’ve improved from each event, this one I completely missed. The focus was my issue, I couldn’t get it locked in.

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3 Years Old

Holy moly, my tumblr has been around for 3 years? My reason for joining tumblr is inspiration and still is to this day. It’s been an interesting journey for myself and watching others grow as well.While I’m no longer active on tumblr, I find myself coming back to check on others and/or following new people. 

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FIND THE APEX turned 3 today!