Sunday fun day! Great weather for some #drifting !

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Panorama Stitching

I heard about a program called “Hugin” that can stitch panoramas together. I downloaded it awhile back but never had anything to stitch. Before the wedding I took a bunch of photos inside of the cathedral. Without doing any tweaking the results came out pretty nice. A few errors in the foreground but 99% of the image is perfect.

Since I haven’t played with it too much, I won’t give it a full review. But comparing it Photoshop and ICE. It lands somewhere between the other two programs. It’s pretty easy like ICE but doesn’t stitch as fast. It seems like a very flexible program and allows you to moves things around. The downside is that it doesn’t accept RAW files. Tiff and Jpegs only, which is a bummer. ICE handles raw files and pretty quick at stitching them, roughly the same amount of time Hugin does TIFF.

If you are looking for a program to stitch photos give it a try. It’s something worth messing around with. I’ll have to play with it some more and see what it really can do.

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Website update 10/6/14

Added a new blog post about a short adventure to New Orleans with the 35mm. Check it out!

The next item on the to list would be swapping out some photos in the automotive and people section.

Not website related but I’m working on a pano with a new software. I’ve never used this program before so I’m curious to see how it’ll do. Microsoft ICE is amazingly easy and quicker than ps. We’ll see how this program stacks up against ICE.

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Testing the 35mm F1.4
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Wedding Observations

I just got home from the wedding and reception, I had somethings that stuck out to me.

1) The look of a professional, the lead didn’t look dressed for the part. I get that being comfortable is needed for a long day. But it looked a bit too comfortable, like you were going to the gym. Is the company logo really needed on the back of your t-shirt? 

2) During the wedding what sense does it make when you are stacked up right on each other? Wouldn’t it make sense to get different perspectives? One had what looked like the 80-200 f.28 and the other 50mm F1.4 or F1.8. It also puzzled me that they didn’t really move around during the wedding. They just stayed on the right side of the church.

I don’t have much wedding experience but those things can’t be right at all. That’s why I take in these observations, take mental notes of how professionals do their job. I would be pretty disappointed seeing that.

End of rant, I did bring my 35mm to play around with. I’ll post some images probably around sunday night. 

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So today was interesting, some how we got on the topic of photography at work. My coworkers browsed through my website right then and there. Talk about being a nervous wreck. They seemed to like my work, the whole time I was trying not to have a panic attack. I still find it weird to show people my work. Stumbling on it is fine, but having people go through it is a bit unsettling. I really need to get over this fear of mine. Hopefully sooner than later.

Website to be updated, new blog and update some new photos is the plan. I’ll have to force myself to work on it Sunday. Since I’ll be attending a wedding on Saturday.

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A photo using the 35mm at 1:1 with no adjustments. Loving these results.
35mm initial review

Based on the first few images I’ve looked at, it’s right on the money. It passed everything a drift day can throw at it. Going from the 70-200mm to the 35mm felt like I was just holding a lens-less camera. The af was quick and on point. I have a huge batch before I can really dig into photos using the 35mm. I spent the last part of the day using it and dedicated a whole cf card for its use.

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It’s Monday, I’m tired and I want to do is edit #drifting photos. The day need to hurry up and end. #nissan #240sx #s13 #nodrft
One more #drift photo before I call it a day. #vscocam #nissan #350z #z33 #z #nodrft  (at NOLA Motorsports Park)
Another successful drift event! Currently waiting for all the photos to be imported into lightroom. #nissan #240sx #s13 #s14 #nodrft