35mm initial review

Based on the first few images I’ve looked at, it’s right on the money. It passed everything a drift day can throw at it. Going from the 70-200mm to the 35mm felt like I was just holding a lens-less camera. The af was quick and on point. I have a huge batch before I can really dig into photos using the 35mm. I spent the last part of the day using it and dedicated a whole cf card for its use.

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It’s Monday, I’m tired and I want to do is edit #drifting photos. The day need to hurry up and end. #nissan #240sx #s13 #nodrft
One more #drift photo before I call it a day. #vscocam #nissan #350z #z33 #z #nodrft  (at NOLA Motorsports Park)
Another successful drift event! Currently waiting for all the photos to be imported into lightroom. #nissan #240sx #s13 #s14 #nodrft

Why do I get nervous before every event? Pre-shoot jitters even though I’ve done this a countless number of times. Ready to get behind the camera again, let’s hope I remember how to do this lol.

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Been forever since I bowled. Instead of work, we got to go bowl! Nice way to start the weekend.

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Slowly gearing up for the weekend. Packing the small stuff so they aren’t forgotten.

Woohoo, proud owner of a 35mm lens. Haven’t gotten out to do some test runs yet. But I’m heading to take some drift photos on Sunday! Excited to be back out, weather should be nice. Also picked up a step up ring so I can use my one nd filter.

Did something that was long overdue, I cleaned my neck strap! So many drift days and vacations later, it was dirty. It probably wouldn’t have been noticeable, if I had a dark strap. But the argyle pattern of my strap shows the grime. So I gave it a little scrub and soak. Now it looks brand new and clean again.

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So the cable and TV went out in the middle of game, stupid outage. Went to edit some old #drift photos. #nissan #drifting #240sx #s14
Since everyone else is posting drifting prep photos, here is my prep photo. Testing some new glass.
Tech talk

Nikon announced the D750, while I had no interest in upgrading. I’m confused by this release. It fits in an odd place and the specs are a bit underwhelming. Is there really a need for another full frame camera? D4s,D810,DF,D750 and D610. I think some of the specs should be flip flopped with the D610. It sounds very very entry level.

In lens news, sigma announce two versions of their new 150-600mm f4-5.6. One is for your professional types and they other enthusiast. This is something that has peaked my interest. This is a whole lot of reach! Zeiss released their 85mm f1.4 Otus and wow that lens is sharp. But it comes with a hefty price tag. Still want it though.

Destiny came out and I’ve played a bit. I can’t get a grasp of the story. It fun to play but choosing what to do next. Takes me out the game too much. I thought this would a game, I would get sucked into. Like when you read a good book and you can’t put it down. May be it’s because I haven’t played it very long? I’ll get some more playing time this weekend.

Apple announced iPhone 6 and their watch. I want the big one but one not sure if I’ll actually get it. I want to get some hands on with it. Plus I’m going to wait for some cases to come out as well. Yeah Apple is late to the party, but better late than never.

Not getting the watch, I find smart watches a waste of money. It’s one more thing to charge. I don’t even wear a watch now. If I do buy a watch, I want something durable like a gshock.

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I’m ready for a shift in weather pattern. I’m done with all this rain. When it isn’t raining, it’s hot. Losing daylight isn’t fun but I’ll take that cool fall weather.

Let’s see what’s new?
-The new job has been keeping me busy. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours, resulting in a very tired Matt by the end of the week.
-I’m probably going to pick up a 35mm lens soonish. Right now it’s a 60/40 lean to nikon.
-I need to clear room and sell my dx lenses.

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The #morning #light with a slight fog. #nature #outdoors #trees #sunlight
Guess who took this photo on page 123 of the 25th anniversary of inRegister.
Call me a techie or nerd, I love playing with new gadgets. I’ve been really impressed with what #sony has done with their #camera line up. The #a7 is an impressive package. Too bad they didn’t have any Zeiss lenses to play with.