Website Update #1

Refreshed the food section of the website. I added photos from the most recent food shoot that happened a couple of months ago. Besides covering car events, food is probably my second favorite thing to cover. Though I can’t tell you exactly why, I just enjoy it? Any who, link to that below!

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Random updates

May be I’m getting old or something, but having a label maker is awesome. I’ve been labeling some of my random pieces of gear like my batteries. That way I can keep track of them and rotate them. I labeled my memory card holders so I know which type of card it contains. Less fumbling around and faster access to what I need.

Ordered a L bracket for my soon to be ordered tripod. Tripod won’t be ordered until next month unless I happen to obtain some extra money. Planning to do some things that would involve using a tripod.

The website got renewed and will be getting updated again. Swapping out pictures and working on the headache know as the blog. Never enough time in a day to do this.

Starting to read again, just finished Jackie Chan’s book. Interesting read about his rise to fame. Up next is a book about social media and marketing.

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I imagine this is how I look all the time. The “I have no idea what I’m doing” look lol. I have to thank Mike ( for this lovely candid.
Drifting rear end first. Can’t wait to edit this!
Best vanity plate ever! If you know #Vietnamese ,you’ll understand the humor in this.

Woohoo my #drifting #photos came in early! Forgot how beautiful metallic paper is.

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Where’s your camera?

I never realized how many people associate me with a camera. I really don’t run into these people under normal circumstances. But I got asked repeatedly about my camera. I didn’t bother to bring it because I was busy working. If anything did catch my eye, I just had to make it work with my phone. It’s not great but it would have to due. Like Chase Jarvis said, “the best camera is the one with you”.

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After a long day, I got a chance to walk around. Enjoy the cool #night air while watching the #ferriswheel #lights as it spins against the night. Nice way to end the night.
Forgot about my order from #adorama. Picked up another battery for the D800. I’ll be ready for the next drift event on 4/6!

Adorama is having a 40% off sales on prints.

Code: pxwelcome

My problem is trying to figure what to print.

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Spring’s Arrival on Flickr.Hello Spring!
Had to wait a bit for these babies but they are finally here! Customer service @evasivemotorsports rocks. #jdm #projectmu

I recently leaned about back button focus. By using it, I no longer half press the shutter button to focus. Which means I no longer have to lift my finger off to recompose or adjust my focus. It helps with moving subjects. I think by using this, it’ll make things more efficient. I’m still trying to get a hang of it, I need more practice. By using this I hope to get my keeper ratio up.

Check online or your manual to see if your camera can use back button focus. It’s a bit odd at first but might help you get that split second moment. It may change the way you shoot!

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Look at me finally getting around to overhauling the website’s blog. This is only a minor update. I’ll have a bigger one once the food shoot photos are cleared. Been holding on to those for what seems forever now.

If you want to check out the blog, I’ll drop the link below!

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Finally starting to look and feel like #spring. Saw these #flowers blooming while out and about today. #nature #sakura #cherryblossum